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Welcome to Zaporizhia

This large, beautiful and historically significant city is picturesquely located in the South of Ukraine on the banks of the Dnieper River beyond its once impassable rapids. It is a cradle of the Zaporizhia Cossacks whose great influence and glory once spread far beyond the borders of this land.


The main sights of Zaporizhia

The main sights of Zaporizhia:

- Khortytsia Island. The largest island on the Dnieper River is one of the “Seven Wonders” of Ukraine. Its history is connected with Zaporizhia Sich (Cossack fortress). The island is very beautiful, especially its rocky part. It is a nature reserve, animal and bird sanctuary. 

· Zaporizhia Cossack Museum. The Museum is situated on the Khortytsia Island, on the high banks of the Dnieper river. It is dedicated to the history of Zaporizhia Cossacks and Zaporizhia Sich. It has several dioramas. Visiting this museum will help you to learn more about the Cossacks.

· Zaporizhia Sich. The original ethnographic complex is the reconstruction of a Cossack fortification with strong gates, watch-towers, barracks, Sich church, tavern, pottery and other household buildings. You can attend the Cossack Martial Arts performance. 

· “Scythian Stan” Memorial Complex. This open-air Museum located on the Khortytsia Island around its highest point Zorova Grave, features several original and reconstructed Scythian burial mounds, observation tower and a wonderful collection of stone monuments.

· “Protovche” Stow. One of the first Slavonic settlements in Ukraine was located in this area, in the Southern part of the Khortytsia Island. An interesting walking tour of Protovche will provide a wonderful chance to get in touch with unique wild nature. 

· Cossack Zaloga (Camp) and Equestrian Show. During the Show the guests will watch the consummate mastery of Zaporizhia Cossacks, their trick horse-riding and cheerful games. They will enjoy traditional food and drinks of Zaporizhia Cossacks. 

· “Cossack Podvirya” Restaurant. A visit to this national Ukrainian restaurant will develop your knowledge of the Cossacks. You will appreciate a traditional Cossack Cuisine and enjoy a folk group performance (Old Cossack songs).

Boat Ride around the Island of Khortytsia. Take a boat ride and enjoy picturesque landscapes of the Dnieper river and beautiful panorama of the city. It is one of the most attractive excursions. The coast line extends 26 km. The duration of the tour is 2 hours.

Historical Zaporizhia Oak Tree is part of the Cultural Complex which also includes Cossack church and “Shynok” national restaurant where you can taste traditional Cossack cuisine and watch the performance of the “Spas” Cossack Martial Arts Theatre.

Dnieper Hydro Power Plant (Dnieproges) heralded the Soviet industrial revolution in the early 1930’s. Tourists will see the main electric generating facilities (generator house, control board, surroundings) and get acquainted with the history of the Power Plant construction and development of power engineering in Ukraine.

Churches of Zaporizhia. Zaporizhia is a multinational city with more than 90 nationalities and there are churches of different confessions. The Intercession Cathedral is the main Orthodox Church of Zaporizhia Region. Tourists can also visit a Baptist Church and a Roman Catholic Church. There are also two Synagogues which can be interesting for Jewish tourists.

Zaporizhia Regional Museum of Local Lore. The Museum collections contain more than 100 thousand exhibits which cover the city's history from ancient times to World War II. The Museum is proud of the following collections: Archeology, History, Nature, Ethnography, Old Furniture, etc. 

Kamiana Mogyla (Stone Grave), 80 km away from the city, will acquaint the visitors with a unique archaeological monument dating back to the 20th-16th cc B.C. scattering on the territory of 15 ha. Its caves and grottos save ancient petroglyphs. Primitive Art Museum is located nearby.

Art Museum. The museum has two sections:  painting and handicrafts. You can admire the works of local painters and craftsmen. 

Theatres of Zaporizhia. There are five theatres in the city:  Music and Drama Theatre, Theater of Youth, New Theater, Experimental Theater “Vie” and Puppet Theatre. Our Concert Hall houses Zaporizhia Philharmonic Society with wonderful Symphony Orchestra. There is also a Circus, and an Exhibition Hall. 

Children Railway Road, 8 km long. All professional duties are performed by children aged from 11 to 17. It includes Zoo, Terrarium, Aquarium and Dendrological park.

“Phaeton” Museum of Retro and Military Vehicles. The best museum of vehicles in Ukraine contains great collection of retro cars of the world famous brands, military vehicles and armaments. All vehicles are in running condition. You will have great photos and unforgettable memories.

Museum of the History of Weapons. The museum is home to a private collection of all kinds of cold weapons and firearms from the Stone Age till WWII period. The collection is made up of 2000 items. 

We offer the most popular tours: 

Highlight Sightseeing Tour (old and new parts of the city, main square, downtown, panorama of the Hydropower Plant, the Island of Khortytsia)

Welcome to the Land of Zaporizhia Cossacks (visiting of all sights connected with the history of Zaporizhia Cossacks), 1-2 day trip

Mennonite Heritage Tour “Here We Lived” (the main Mennonite sights in Zaporizhia and Dniepropetrovsk regions including a trip to Molochna and Khortytsia colonies as well as the villages requested by the tourists)

Industrial Zaporizhia (Socialist Town of the 1930’s, Hydropower Plant, industrial area, “Phaeton” Museum of Retro and Military Vehicles, Museum of the Motor-Building Plant, Brewery and others)

At your request we can organize other visits.

Our Services:

We want to make your trips to Ukraine enjoyable and easy. Use our services and you will save your time.

We offer:

  • room reservation in more than 100 hotels of Ukraine
  • individual and group tours in Zaporizhia and all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dniepropetrovsk, etc.)
  • transfers (by car, mini-van or bus)
  • guide-interpreters’ services (major European languages) 
  • air tickets for local and international flights
  • railway tickets (our company has its own railway terminal)
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We book hotels of different categories not only in Zaporizhia region but also all over Ukraine.


We offer

Our company wants to make your vocations and trips to Ukraine as nice as it just possible. Using our services will prevent you from wasting your time

We offer:

  • room reservations in more than 100 hotels of Ukraine
  • sightseeing tours for individuals as well as for groups in Zaporizhia and all over Ukraine ( Kyiv, Odessa , etc.)
  • transfers (by car, mini-van or bus)
  • guide-interpreters’ services (European languages) 
  • air tickets for local and international airflights
  • railway tickets (our company has own railway terminal)
  • visa support for entrance to Ukraine.

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The main hotels in Zaporizhia which we can book for you:

Introurist Hotel**** is a modern 4-star hotel. Located in the historical and administrative part of Zaporizhia, directly on the main square. The Intourist Hotel boasts convenient access roads and a guarded parking area. The Intourist Hotel offers guests first class facilities, including restaurants serving European, Ukrainian and Asian cuisine, all reflecting the respective cultural traditions. An on-site laundry and dry-cleaning service will take care of guests' clothes. For business travellers to Zaporizhia an experienced conference manager will organize business meetings, presentations or workshops, and arrange banquets as well as group meals!

Teatralny Hotel *** is located in a convenient position in the historic center of Zaporizhia, the Teatralny Hotel is the perfect choice for business and leisure travellers alike. Lovers of music, art and history will appreciate its strategic location, while those who travel for work will find here the ideal hotel.

The Teatralny Hotel has a conference room for up to 70 persons, equipped with audio visual facilities, multimedia projector, screen and flip chart, so corporate guests can easily organize seminars, trainings, conferences and other events. The hotel restaurant invites you to taste fine international cuisine, while the lobby bar on the ground floor is the perfect meeting point after dinner.

Reikartz Hotel is conveniently located not far from the center of the city on the picturesque bank of the Dnipro River close to the central beach and the famous island of Khortytsia. The hotel will become a perfect choice for guests coming to the city on business, as well as for tourists traveling by cars and buses. Hotel offers own open air swimming pool.

Four Points by Sheraton **** is located on the Dnipro River Embankment. At this hotel you’ll find not only comfortable accommodations, but also an all-day dining restaurant, a concept wine bar and restaurant, a summer terrace, a fitness center with sauna and steam bath, and a gift shop. Open both for Business and for tourism.

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